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I am regularly asked for recommendations of the best broker


What may be the best for us may not always be the best for our clients due to minimum account size or range of asset classes. We therefore have put this list of best brokers from our own experiences and from those of our trading clients.

Too many traders dash into a decision based on some headline offer or recommendation. For many, a broker becomes like that first bank account you open. You tolerate it rather than believing that they offer you a good service, but rarely move. The reality is it is easy to move to another broker, but why not spend some time and be more selective in the first place.

The aim of this website is to guide you to a broker that you feel happy with from the outset and may support your future needs. Of course you could use more than one broker, particularly if you want to trade stocks as well as forex. Initially we are looking for brokers that are best for the forex community but we will add others in the future.

We only will list brokers which we believe are the best. Each has different strengths but they all offer good customer service and come recommended by us.

Broker reviews

How can you really review a broker unless you have used it? Well from our own experience and that of our traders that give us feedback, we are able compile a list of reviews to help you make your own decisions.

Free Education

We maybe compensated if you use the links on this site. We want to ensure that you benefit from this in the form of education. Click here to find out more.

Video run through

Whilst most brokers run have videos to show you some parts of their platforms, these are often recorded by the developers or marketeers and not traders. We run through the platform and discuss the ease of use.


We review the charting options that they offer as part of their package. There is a great range of packages available if this is a key driver in your decision.

Account type

Traders often get in a muddle on what account type is the best for them. It is too easy to get caught in the hype, here we look at what alternatives there are. You can read more here.

Customer service

Customer service is so important. We can help as each broker has to give us a link to specific manager to ensure we can offer support if it is needed.

Selecting your broker


All the brokers listed on this site are recommended by us and our regular trading community, thus are consider as the best brokers online.

If you are looking to swing trade or day trade across a number of currencies or other markets and want low costs, small spreads, fast execution and less slippage then that is where we may help.

There are some choices though as whilst it is possible to low costs and great execution, for some traders the charting package that comes with the account may swing their choice. For others they may already have a good charting package and may look simply at how easy the platform is to use.

Listed below are some pointers to help you choose your broker.

What is important to you? click on each of the subjects to read more

One of the biggest complaints we hear is how a trader may be getting slipped regularly or stopped out earlier then others. We put more emphasis on this aspect of the brokers listed and describe the differences between each different broker and the way you can trade with them. It is recommended that you have a read of this as it may sway your decision. You can read more here

We have quite a bias towards trading forex but do understand that some traders want to trade stocks and options off the same platform/brokerage. The good news is that we have a number that offer a wide variety of assets, some as physical shares and most as CFD’s (Contracts for difference).

Some traders move specifically to another broker as they prefer the look and feel of the trading platform. There is quite a wide variety of offerings with some being far simpler than others to use and in particularly the amount of information available on the deal ticket.

This aspect may less important to some traders as they prefer to use a standard MT4 / MT5 offerings where available.

Again this is a matter of individual choice. We may subscribe to standalone charting packages but some traders are keen to keep their costs down and use the offerings from the broker.

Of the brokers included on the site there are some great charting packages available. We have know of traders that are happy to put up with mediocre trading fills and slippage all for the love of a free charting package. The good news here is that there are some leading charting brands available .

So what are the next steps?

You can either read and watch the reviews of each broker or go straight to our summary page which should help you short list your options. Click here to go directly to this page

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