An introduction to using MT4 – Placing a trade


I regularly get asked to demonstrate how to trade using an MT4 platform, so I have recorded a series of videos introducing the platform, placing trades, setting up a watch list and using the charts.

In this video I do an overview and demonstrate how to place a trade at market and how to place orders. You can find the links to videos covering setting up a watch list, setting up the charts and reviewing your positions below this video.

MT4 is the most common trading platform for forex. Most brokers offer it as an alternative to their own web based platforms. It is very easy to use and trade from once you have been shown.

You can watch the video on how to set up a watch list by clicking on the link

You can watch the video on how to set up the charts by clicking on this link

You can watch the video on reviewing your positions and trading history by clicking on this link

If you have further questions regarding MT4 please feel free to contact us. All of the brokers on this website with the exception of Saxo provide MT4. One consideration is that they often provide better terms using their web platforms. The benefit of an MT4 account is that you can use it to manage other accounts directly and also use the EA’s.