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On this page we have given a summary of the brokers in order to help you make a decision. It is recommended that you read through the details of broker types first in order to help with your decision. You can click on the brokers logo to read more about the broker and watch demonstration videos.

AI Trader

We have recently had many enquiries regarding MT4 brokers that allow Algo’s/ AI trading. Both Core Spreads and Pepperstone offer MT4 platforms that work well and are supported. 


Strengths and Weaknesses

Best for swing with high leverage option

+ Ideal for modest accounts

+AI Trader/ Algo compatible

+ Good for swing trading

+ MT4 platform available (Micro account)

+ Higher leverage (If you use the link we provide 200:1)

+ Tight fixed spreads (CoreTrader platform) Tight variable spreads (MT4)

Fast execution

– Based in South Africa (Money is however kept in London bank)

– You can lose more than your deposit

Good for both swing and day trading 

+ MT4 Platform available

+Spread betting account available

+ Spreads as low as zero with CFD razor account

+ Spreads low even on cross pairs such as EUR/NZD just 1.7 pips on Razor account

+ Fast Execution

+ Allow Algo/ AI trading on MT4

+ Great for day trading and swings

– The charts on both platforms are quite basic

– Low leverage due to FCA regulations

Good for both swing and day trading with special rates for EzeeTrader clients

+ The charts – You get Tradingview charts built in

+ Good spreads on major pairs

+ Good for modest accounts

+ MT4 available

 Leverage based on MIFID rules 33.3:1

 Spreads on major crosses are quite wide

Best for day trading

+ Good for day trading fast execution

+ The only exchange broker

+ Ideal for larger accounts (minimum £2K through our link – normally £10K)

+ Great charts with the Web based version

+ MT4 accounts available (Hedging available)

+ Very low spread on Bitcoin

You cannot hedge on the web based account

Leverage based on MIFID rules 33.3:1

Swaps relatively high even with Ezeetrader deal

Best for swing trading

+ Good for day trading and swing trading

+ Good spreads on popular currencies

+ Over 1500 global markets

+ Great trading platform with loads of tools

+ Good customer service

Spreads on major crosses are fine for swing trading but can be high for day trading

Leverage based on MIFID rules 33.3:1

+ MT4 not available

Saxo Capital Markets

Saxo capital markets logo

Over 40,000 instruments on one platform

+ Professional looking trading platform

+ Suitable for only larger accounts (£50K+)

+ Saxo is a bank acting as a market maker with direct market access

Minimum fixed commissions not suitable for small positions

No MT4 offering

Leverage based on MIFID rules 33.3:1